Monday, June 22, 2009

Ernest Hemingway's Houses....

How many museums can one person have dedicated to celebrating his literary accomplishments? Seems many.

I'm happy that CBS news recently took American viewers inside (via video) Hemingway's house in Cuba. I, for one, see this as a literary destination worth making my way to. I only wish I could have gotten there before the preservationists. It looks a tad too tidy, too perfectly restored to the "Hemingway Period" for my current tastes.

But Hemingway has so many house museums, that you have to be amazed at the Hemingway literary tourism industry. His fiction hardly seems domestic to me.

He has a Birthplace in Oak Park, Il., the Key West House, and the last house he lived in in Idaho, which now belongs to the Nature Conservancy in Idaho. And of course, there is the Cuba house.

And yet, the Kansas City, Mo. house where Hemingway lived while working for the Kansas City Star seems to have burned to the ground last year with little notice. There must be others waiting to be restored by an enterprising spirit. Perhaps you can always have one more.

It makes me wonder, which literary figure as the most historic sites/house museums?